Different Types of House Doors Design

When selecting the ideal door for your home, there are plenty of options to consider. Each style has its own distinct charm, so it’s essential that you select one that meets both your needs and preferences. When making your decision, take into account the space where it will go, your own personal taste in design, light requirements in that particular area and budget when making a final selection.

Paneled Doors- Commonly known as slab doors, these designs feature a frame adorned with square or oblong panels in various configurations. You can choose to have two large panels, six small ones or something else altogether for added visual interest and style in your home.

Sliding Doors- Typically found outside your home, sliding doors can also be found inside. They slide along tracks and can be made out of glass or wood and provide convenience when opening and closing.

Dutch Doors- A dutch door is an exterior door that splits in half, allowing you to easily open it for pets or children into your yard. They’re popular entry-point choices due to their durability, ease of cleaning and attractive appearance.

French Doors- These eye-catching double doors feature mostly glass panes, providing rooms with plenty of natural light. They can be either hinged or slide open and provide an elegant entranceway into formal living spaces or for segregating an office area.

Pocket Doors- Pocket doors are an excellent option for homeowners who want to maximize their living space. They slide along a track and close into a pocket in the wall when closed, giving off a unique appearance and needing specialized maintenance, but these pocket doors can make the most of available room in your home.

Barn Doors- Barn doors come in an array of styles, from simple to elaborate. Crafted out of wood, metal or fiberglass, these unique door options add character and warmth to your home.

Modern Farmhouse Doors – These doors are often found in modern farmhouses. Generally, they have a white or light gray exterior with wood frames for an urbane vibe, often painted or stained to add warmth and color to your home.

Decorative Carved Wood Doors – Wooden doors often feature rails and stiles carved with intricate patterns, creating a striking addition to bungalows, cottages and other homes that incorporate natural elements into their design. These exquisite pieces make perfect additions to bungalows, cottages or any home that incorporates nature into its overall design.

Sliding Doors Interior Sliding doors are a popular choice for exteriors, but can also be found inside your home in closets and utility rooms. They come in wood or glass construction and can slide, swing or both directions.

Aside from sliding doors, there are other exterior door options you can select for your home. They come in metal, fiberglass or natural wood styles with either a glass panel, aluminum sash or no sash at all.

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